Tacoma's Mid Century Modern Vacation Rental Home at Chambers Bay

About 35house

An Eclectic Escape


Enjoy the charm and style of the 35house - 

Mid Mod meets repurposed industrial, they fall in love and the 35house is born.

Great art, great design, just a great space to get away for the weekend or the week. Make 35house your basecamp for rest and relaxation.

The Best Location


Enjoy all the south sound has to offer from one awesome location- 

Walk the quiet, premiere neighborhood for puget sound views and enjoy the spectacular sunsets. 

Minutes from Chambers Bay Golf , Beach and Events Center. Whole Foods, Trader Joes and a slew of other local options.

 35house is in the heart of it all.

Go Local!


Unlike stuffy hotels, 35house staff are 253 (area code) insiders. If you are new to vacation home rentals, let us make you a vacation rental fan!

If you are staying in the south puget sound, we are your vacation rental home source for all things local. Always at your service with the latest pop up events, Uber tips, and directions to hidden neighborhood gems - We are here for you, please support local businesses!

Our Secret Menu is what sets us apart from other vacation home rentals

The 35house Secret Bloody Mary

Congratulations. You made it to the bonus round...

Your Curiosity and sense of adventure has led you to the right place.

You found the 35house! 

Now you have the unlocked the best secret vacation rental on the Planet. Affordable, Comfortable, fully stocked, seriously clean and very cool. 

And the  location is super close to every adventure you could imagine! 

What's with 35?

Everyone wants to know, right?  How did 35house get it's name anyway?

Well that's just a part of the secret you will only fully understand by being here....

Local Secrets

By locals, for locals. Yep, if you are with the 35house you are now a local. 

 We support local business and our recommendations probably won't have a lot of tourists there. Which means you will get the secret all to yourself.

We know the best the secret menu items, secret cocktails and best secret deals for just about everyone! Just ask.

***Here's one secret, don't tell-

Headed to Seattle for the day? Don't take I-5- It's Horrible!

A beautiful scenic drive over the Narrows Bridges leads you to a spectacular ferry ride - right into the heart of Pike Place Market....Yep, we will show you how to do it!

Local Events and Activities

Here for a concert or up for a local event? We know all about secret parking, entry zones and best viewing areas. Its almost like having a fastpass at Disneyland.

Need Golf Course recommendations? We have you covered.

 Want to pick apples or blueberries for free? There's a park for that. 

Want to find secret art rocks ? Zombie Scavenger hunt? Best Steak? Karaoke? Skydiving, Parasailing? 

Or just the best pizza. Ever. Delivered....Whatever it is - at 35house, we've curated the best local secrets just for you.